Attention Deyton and Harris Parents
Attention Deyton and Harris Parents

To improve the safety of our students and the safety of our schools, we are implementing new procedures for student pick up in the afternoons at both Harris Middle School and Deyton Elementary School.  Students at Deyton will be loading buses at 2:15 P.M. each afternoon, and Harris students will be loading buses at 2:30 P.M. each afternoon.  

To address the traffic congestion on Harris Street which is causing multiple safety issues, we are asking for parents that are coming to pick their child up after school to please not arrive until 2:25 P.M. at Deyton and 2:40 P.M. at Harris.  

Law enforcement officers will be present to keep traffic moving which will mean that parents will not be able to be stopped on Harris Street waiting to pick up their child from school. If you wait to show up until after buses have loaded we will be providing a much safer campus for our students and staff.  

If a parent shows up prior to the arrival times listed above, the parents will be asked to park in transition lanes in the bottom parking lot at Harris Middle School. The transition lane closest to the main road will house a limited number of Deyton parents.  The transition lane closest to Harris Middle will house a limited number of Harris parents. 

Also, Deyton and Harris will have no parking along entrance roads during school hours. There will be designated visitor parking spots at each school for parents that are picking up their child during school hours.