MCS Awarded Tech Funds
Posted on 07/02/2015

Mitchell County Board of Commissioners have allocated our school district $88,000 to fund a 1:1 Laptop Initiative for our middle school students.  I am grateful for the confidence and support our commissioners have shown our LEA in helping us with this much needed technology.  This will greatly enhance our newly implemented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program.  Our system was recently awarded $350,000 from Golden LEAF to implement Discovery Labs in our high and middle schools.  These innovative STEM Discovery Labs will provide students valuable hands-on manipulative and interactive resources.  These manipulatives and resources will be used to build a strong foundation of math and science skills.  


We are confident that students who are trained in STEM areas will be able to come back to work in Mitchell County, which will greatly aid our economic development.  Our current economic development plan in Mitchell County is centered around occupations that are focused precisely on areas of emphasis in STEM.  This allocation is a reflection of our schools system's efforts in working with our local EDC and industry as our county needs a workforce that can think critically and understand and apply engineering design processes.     


There is great excitement with school personnel as we integrate this new middle school initiative with our highly successful high school program.  Again, thank you to our Board of Education members, Board of Commissioners and Mitchell County Schools personnel for this collaborative effort in making these funds a reality.