FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA Middle School is the middle school division of Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. FBLA helps students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs.

Thank you for your interest in Harris Middle School FBLA.

We are a very proud group of students who work hard, play hard, and learn to be the leaders of tomorrow. FBLA Dues are $21 this year and these dues cover state, national and local dues and a FBLA T-shirt. Our local dues help pay for competitions such as the regional competitive events. It also helps pay for our celebrations such as our Christmas party and our End of the Year cookout.

Our FBLA is very active. Here are a few items you may be interested in knowing of the MMS FBLA Delegates:

  • We compete at Regional and State Competitions.

  • We volunteer with local non-profits such as Mitchell Giving Gardens who grows vegetables for our community .

  • We do fundraisers to help defer the costs of all trips.

  • We do community service each year with Samaritan's Purse and March of Dimes.

  • We have the best parties!


  • Historian - Sophie Davis

  • Parliamentarian - AVERY PORTER

  • Treasurer - OLIVIA OLLIS

  • Secretary - Abby Hedrick

  • Event Coordinator - Addison Gregory


  • Vice President - Mylee Chapman

  • President - Ashley Ledford

About FBLA Middle School

  • Exploration – FBLA Middle School provides an opportunity for members to explore a range of career skills as well as project-based learning experiences tied to a Business Education Program. In FBLA Middle School, members will identify problems and solutions to begin developing business skills.

  • Foundational Leadership Skills – For the FBLA Middle School provides an opportunity for members to discover what lies within themselves as leaders and to gain foundational leadership skills.

  • FBLA Middle School BylawsReview the FBLA Middle School Bylaws amended 08-01-2017.

Essential Outcomes

By the end of their FBLA Middle School experience, it is the goal that every member will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to be an effective team member in project-based learning experiences

  • Understand career paths and gain knowledge of the skills needed to pursue different paths

  • Learn about relationships and how to maintain them

  • Deepen knowledge of personal strengths