Tips for browsing off campus (this includes the main Mayland campus)

Troubleshooting flow:

  1. Restart

  2. Try another browser

  3. If available, try a different network/hotspot

  • When possible use Chrome as your default browser

  • If you see the Zscaler login (see above image) you should be good to go. Just enter your meclive.net email. 

    • NOTE: If you are already signed into your email in your browser it will allow you straight in to browse but if you were signed out of your meclive.net email it will ask for your full email sign info after you move past the Zscaler login.

    • NOTE: If you can browse without seeing the ZScaler login that is because the site you are one was simply not flagged by Zscaler. Normal. It should pop up when it needs to pop up.

Login Reminder

  • Important! Log in with the Google log in screen whenever it asks you to. Once your logged in when you shut/reopen your laptop it will only ask you for your password.

Keeping School and Personal Accounts Separated

  • If you like to have your personal email open along side your school accounts create another profile in Chrome just for personal accounts. Some use Safari for personal accounts as another way to keep things separated.

Meme - Turn it on and off again

The Power Move

Every sphere of interest has its own little saying of ultimate wisdom. The business world has "Location, location, location."  The fitness world says, "No pain? No gain."  The I.T. world asks those who are about to throw their device into a burning dumpster, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Sometimes a processing chip needs a reminder of who is boss. Check out the FIX I.T. page for other power moves.

Meme - Rare Common Sense

Make Common Sense Common

Your devices are provided for one primary purpose, to enhance your education. That county issue laptop is not for personal use beyond education. It's just common sense.

You can inquire with us regarding installing new software. Ask yourself, "Can I make a case for education? It is a small download? Will I have room for future OS updates?" If your request plays well with these questions then chances are good you may get what you want.

Meme - Online Forms

Help Us Help You

Some folks love a good form and some folks would rather sort trash. If you are the latter type of person here is my advice, just use those forms anyway! They will truly help you get you what you want and need much faster. It's worth the 1 minute investment of time.

Be proactive with the issues you run into and make use of the forms.

Meme - Guidance


Who doesn't love a good document chock full of restrictions and rules?! Reality is that we are accountable to those rules, guidelines, and expectations whether we look them over and apply them or not.

So, with these two types of people in view, the GUIDANCE page has all of the full documents that you are accountable too as well as a summary statement.