My MCC Sign In Link and Instructions

Moodle Instructions

  • Username: First letter of first name then full last name with last 4 numbers on ID badge (letters all lowercase)

  • Password: Capital first letter of last name with lower case second letter followed by birthday

Example: Susan James username sjames6732 password: Ja031402

MCC Email Instructions and how to FORWARD email

  • Username: same as Moodle but add

  • Password: Same as Moodle

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you forward your MECHS email or your MCC email to the other account so that you are not having to check two email accounts daily!!!!!

In order to forward your MCC email to your MECHS Gmail :

  1. Open MCC email

  2. Click on settings in upper right corner

  3. In search bar type in "Forwarding"

  4. Choose forwarding mail

  5. Input your MECHS email address

Settings Screenshot