The Technology Department is responsible for working with the instructional leadership of the district to identify, acquire, and implement technology components to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning; the acquisition, distribution, and maintenance of hardware and network resources; planning, development, and implementation of software resources; and support and instruction for every technology resource in the district. 

Vision: Seamless technology and services that are available every time, without fail.


  • Apply enterprise architecture techniques to optimize the use of MCS technology assets.

  • Provide secure, reliable connectivity for all approved devices to MCS networks.

  • Provide reliable information technology systems, connections, data and support to enable the learning process.

  • Constantly improve what we do, how we do it and the results we achieve

  • Constantly monitor the use and integration of technology to optimize the results we can achieve with the IT resources we are entrusted with.

  • Systematically upgrade/retire legacy systems and equipment when their operation is no longer

    providing adequate service.

  • Provide reporting/filtering services that comply with all requirements.

  • Support district compliance with accountability and accreditation requirements through the use of formal testing and reporting tools, processes and methods.

  • Provide secure, reliable access to technology and data.

  • Measure and constantly improve levels of customer service.

  • Effectively implement, manage and safeguard the District’s data, equipment, softwareand systems.

  • Provide a safe cyber-learning environment.

October Classroom techtics poster