Brinkley Hodshon

Congratulations to Brinkley Hodshon for her appointment to the NC State Board of Education Student Advisory Council.  Brinkley was chosen from over 700 applicants to serve on this council with Superintendent of Education Catherine Truitt.

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC) is a strong and diverse group comprised of 12 high school students from across the state’s eight education regions, with eight juniors and four seniors.

The two-year appointment to the SSAC provides student advisors the opportunity to meet twice per month to discuss education issues affecting students, advocate on behalf of their peers and ultimately advise decision makers in state public education.

During their service, student advisors will develop two proposals for the state Superintendent’s Office and the State Board of Education to address issues that the students would like to see changed, either through policy or legislation. SSAC advisors have the opportunity not only to share their perspectives as current students but also to provide invaluable insight to state leaders on how to make positive changes within North Carolina’s education system.