Career Planning Videos

Career OneStop Videos
These videos show the types of work people do in nearly 550 careers, organized by the 16 career clusters recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The videos are being updated and are also available in Spanish, and include some industry videos, occupations by educational level and definitions of various O*NET skills and abilities of interest to employers.

Careers Out There
The site contain videos of interview with persons in selected careers.

Dr. Kit
This site houses more than 300 videos organized into 17 different clusters. These are “home made” movies in that Dr. Kit himself and some of his followers have contributed to the site.

Jobs Made Real
The website features thousands of videos of people doing their jobs and provides statistical data on job forecast and career information. The website (made by teens, for teens) is educational in nature, while also engaging with elements of entertainment. One interesting feature is the ability to sort videos by various criteria including interests.
This site contains videos and information on careers for kids, grades K-5, teens, grades 6-8, teachers and parents.

Real Talk
Over 600 of the best stories, tips and advice from young people across Canada and the U.S. have been “crowdsourced” to help young people find careers they will love. Each career story starts with “In high school, I wanted to be...”