Distance Learning

Distance learning opportunities are offered through North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS). The statewide virtual school offers a host of courses to school districts all over the state.

NCVPS Course Offerings

NCVPS may accommodate students:

  • who want to take courses not offered at MHS

  • who wish to take an additional course

  • who are homebound

You can find a current course catalog here.

Registration Process for an NCVPS class:

  1. Visit the NCVPS website to view class offerings and schedules. Select the course(s) you wish to take. Look closely at the course requirements.

  2. Complete the request to take an online course found in the student handbook in the form section and return to Mr. Woody.

  3. Your request will be reviewed to determine approval.

  4. If your request is approved, you will meet with Mr. Johnson to complete your part of the registration process.

All NCVPS courses meet the curriculum standards set forth by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

NCVPS is a program that allows students to participate in an online environment. This program is actually directed by an instructor from a remote location. The student and instructor interact via email. NCVPS sets the beginning and ending dates and reports all scores to the LEA. This program is aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study.