CTE Honors Courses Offered

CTE Honors' courses differentiate instruction for advanced learners through extensions and enrichment of the standard course blueprint. Appropriate instructional materials and methods as well as assessment practices support the extended and enriched content. Courses that are Inherently Honors do not require a portfolio and are considered at a higher level of rigor at their standard course blueprint. Other CTE Honors courses are required to have a portfolio that provides evidence of what is taught, how it is taught, and how it is assessed. The following is a list of Inherently Honors and CTE Honors courses currently offered at Mitchell High School.

Inherently Honors (from state level):

  • Accounting II Honors

  • Animal Science II-Food Animal-Honors

  • Drafting I Honors

  • Drafting II Architectural Honors

  • Drafting III Architectural Honors

  • Drafting II Engineering Honors

  • Drafting III Engineering Honors

  • Early Childhood Education I Honors (2 course credits)

  • Early Childhood Education II Honors (2 course credits)

  • Entrepreneurship II Honors

  • Microsoft Excel Expert Honors

  • Horticulture II Honors

  • Horticulture II Landscaping Honors

  • Interior Design Technology Honors

  • Pharmacy Technician Honors

  • Auto Service II Honors

  • Auto Service III Honors

CTE AP Courses (rom state level):

  • AP Macroeconomics (new Fall 2022)

  • AP Microeconomics (new Fall 2023)

CTE Honors (locally honors with local portfolio requirements meet:

  • Health Science II Honors (requires completion of an honors portfolio).

  • Food & Nutrition 2 Honors (starting fall 2022)

  • Horticulture 2 Honors (starting fall 2022)

  • Accounting I Honors (starting fall 2022)

  • CTE Internship Honors (starting fall 2022)