Career Shadowing

Career shadowing is a school/community experience that allows students to observe people in the community in a specific career. It is a school-sponsored career exploration activity that students can pursue while at Mitchell High School. During a career shadow students observe an adult for a short period of time to learn about the business, industry or profession. Career Shadow Form

Career shadowing provides an opportunity for partnerships between schools and businesses which will result in:

  • an opportunity for students to experience "real life" work in a career field

  • motivating students to expand and meet their educational career goals

  • well prepared and motivated future employees

  • an opportunity for students to see a relationship between their educational experience and career choice

Career Shadowing experiences at Mitchell High School are available through the CTE facilitator, Denise Murphy. The application for a career shadowing experience is included below. If you have questions contact Denise at 766-3452 or

Student responsibilities for Career Shadowing include:

  • Be responsible for completing all activities and required paperwork.

  • Be responsible for making up any class work missed during your absence.

  • Call the shadowing site, introduce yourself, and get any details concerning time and name of your careermentor.

  • Wear attire appropriate for the occupation you are shadowing.

  • Arrive on time and conduct yourself in a mature, responsible manner. (Remember that you arerepresenting your school and classmates.)

  • Make arrangements for your transportation to and from the shadowing site and be responsible for your own lunch.

  • Send a “Thank You Note" E-mail to your career mentor